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Sharing Juicer
Sharing Juicer
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Bowling Juicer
Gudong - direct drinking portab
Gudong - direct drinking portab
About US
About the speedfrog
Speedfrog/Foshan speedfrog electronic technology co.,ltd.     Founded in 2017, is a focus on kitchen electric product design
An innovative company, determined to make every young man fall in love with cooking
About the team
Speedfrog has a team with rich experience in independent research and development
Key personnel have worked in Midea for many years
And made a breakthrough contribution in related industries
About the tactory
Group factory has a manufacturing base of 6000 square meters
2000 square meters of storage space
The manufacturing center has planning, purchasing, production, quality assurance logistics and other functional departments
About the award
As a kitchen appliance brand guided by design innovation
We have a top industrial design team with over 13 years of experience
Obtained 9 appearance patents, 8 utility model patents and 2 invention patents
The team also won many design awards at home and abroad, such as if and red star
About the cooperation
Because of the unique innovative design of the product
We have won the favor and cooperation of famous brands from all channels in China
We are also jointly developing innovative products with many famous brands
WeChat public address
  • Foshan speedfrog electronic technology co.,ltd.
  • phone:0757-26339981
  • Website:
  • Address:7th Floor, East Block of Guangdong Industrial Design City Phase II, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City