Foshan speedfrog Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., its brand speedfrog
Founded in 2017, it is a professional product company integrating planning, development and production, focusing on the design innovation of electric kitchen products.
Brand concept
Starting from the user experience, determined to make every young people fall in love with cooking.
Development history
In 2017, Foshan Speedfrog Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shunde, Foshan;
In 2018, the first self-developed and innovative product of speedfrog - "bowling juicer" portable fruit juice machine entered the market, overturned the conventional product form and experience of the industry, and soon got the recognition of domestic and foreign markets
In 2019, more innovative new products will be launched
Corporate honor
In 2018, speedfrog won the beauty of Chinese manufacturing silver and red star award;
In 2019, speedfrog won the IF award of Germany, the United States the IDEA award, China gold award, the Chinese design
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  • Address:7th Floor, East Block of Guangdong Industrial Design City Phase II, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City