The company dynamic

Hong Kong autumn Electronic Exh2019-11-16

On October 13-16, 2019, the partners of Foshan xunwa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. did not fear the violence of Hong Kong Independence. In order to let more people know our company and products, they...

Fast frog's journey of explorat2019-11-16

In 2018, how many times have you been far away this year? In retrospect, fast frog has been to many distant places this year Leyao juice cup went to Guangzhou and brought back made in China beauty Loxiang juice cup went to Beijing and broug...

Congratulations, one Zhongxiang2019-11-16

On the morning of December 12, the 14th Guanghua Longteng award ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the people. Lu Gangliang, a Zhongxiang native, won the medal of top ten outstanding young people in Chinas design industry. Here, I would...

Zhizao Beijiao Shunde "after 2019-11-16

Beijiao, with a total area of 92 square kilometers, is a place full of industrial development stories. Mideas engineers on Saturday left a moving story of respecting talents; Country Gardens future leader plan is in full swing; Beijiao is a...

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