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Beijiao, with a total area of 92 square kilometers, is a place full of industrial development stories. Midea's "engineers on Saturday" left a moving story of respecting talents; Country Garden's "future leader plan" is in full swing; Beijiao is also the origin of "China design day"
Technology Shunde, intelligent Beijiao. In January this year, Shunde put forward the strategy of building science and technology Shunde to promote manufacturing intelligence, innovation globalization and green development. In July, Shunde further proposed to build a modern economic system with science and technology as the core to achieve the leading position in high-quality economic development. As for the strong economic town in China, Beijiao will build a double smart industry innovation ecosystem of "smart manufacturing + smart home" according to local conditions.
In Beijiao, old enterprises such as Midea and country garden have become famous all over the world. Now, new enterprises such as flying fish group, Hongyi design, Haichuan intelligence, Hongshi laser are rising. Over the past few days, reporters have walked into many Beijiao enterprises established after 2000, looking for enterprise stories and development codes, and found these "Post-00" enterprises, focusing on scientific research, advocating innovation, diversified development and moving towards the world.

A number of new and cutting-edge enterprises show explosive growth

The headquarters of Feiyu group is located in Beijiao Headquarters Economic Zone, not far from national highway 105.
As an enterprise founded in 2011, Feiyu group is a leading enterprise in the field of e-commerce in Foshan. In 2017, it was awarded as "national e-commerce demonstration enterprise" by the Ministry of Commerce. As an innovative electrical appliance brand enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales of electrical appliances, Delma Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. of Shunde District, Foshan City, has achieved 100% doubling growth in sales for six consecutive years since its establishment in 2011, and is expected to exceed 1.3 billion yuan in sales in 2018.


Hongshi laser display tube cutting automation production line. Hongshi laser, founded in 2009, has achieved a performance of over 1 billion yuan in less than 10 years. /Photographed by Wang Shu, intern Lin andI from Foshan daily

The "Hongyi series" enterprises not far from the headquarters of flying fish group also performed well. "Hongyi system" refers to the company whose founder Lu Gangliang took Hongyi design company established in 2005 as the center, and in recent years successively set up enterprises such as Cara technology to form an ecological system. According to Lu Gangliang, the revenue of the whole system enterprises from 2014 to 2017 is more than 4 million yuan, 17 million yuan, 52 million yuan and 122 million yuan, which is expected to reach 250 million yuan this year and about 400 million yuan next year.
Different from the development of Feiyu group and Hongyi series enterprises in the field of home appliances and Pan home furnishings, Haichuan intelligent and Hongshi laser, which are located in Beijiao, are working on mechanical equipment. Haichuan intelligence, established in 2004, was successfully listed last year, with revenue of over 100 million yuan from 2014 to 2016, achieving a healthy and steady growth. Hongshi laser, which was founded in 2009, has been making great progress for many years, and has achieved a performance of more than 1 billion yuan in less than 10 years.
In fact, Beijiao new and cutting-edge enterprises are more than that. Beijiao town economic science and Technology Bureau said that in recent years, it has made every effort to serve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and has corresponding service plans for large and medium-sized enterprises. For example, Beijiao supports many aspects of enterprise share reform, listing, listing, M & A and intermediary services.

Build an ecosystem and promote the globalization of enterprises

Since 2015, based on China's e-commerce market, flying fish has set up a special international brand business department, acting as an agent to operate well-known foreign brands in China and retail online. So far, it has acted as an agent for more than 20 overseas brands, including the Philips water purification business, one of the world's top 500 enterprises that has been acquired by Delphi. Some time ago, Delphi announced that it had signed an equity transfer agreement with Philips, the Dutch appliance giant, and all of Philips's global water health businesses had been transferred to Delphi.
Li Junwei, vice president of Philips Group, said that at that time, there were more than a dozen enterprises in the world participating in the bidding of Philips global water health business. "Only we are not listed enterprises, and we can win in the last round, because our positioning strategy, development direction and marketing plan for Philips water health business can most impress Philips management." Li Junwei said that next, Philips will do a good job in product iteration of Philips water health business, building and improving the global sales system, etc.
When the reporter came to Hongyi design company from the headquarters of flying fish group, Lu Gangliang showed the cover of his friend's circle to the reporter with a picture of banyan. He introduced that "Hongyi system" should have the life characteristics of banyan trees, and constantly "fall into forests" and take root in the earth during the growth process. After the establishment of Hongyi Design Co., Ltd., Lu Gangliang established Kawa Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013. In the past two years, he has successively established such companies as ruoji technology, xunwa technology, Haowu technology, yipinyanhua culture, Beiwa mother and baby, etc. to complete the ecological chain layout of industrial design service, home appliance innovation product platform, home innovation product platform, supply chain, manufacturing center, brand center and marketing service.


  ▲"Hongyi series" enterprises continue to launch innovative small home appliances products. /Photo by Qin Zhengpeng, reporter of Foshan daily

Zhou Xu, member of the Standing Committee of Shunde District Committee and Secretary of Beijiao town Party committee, said that he would do better in enterprise service, strengthen contact with enterprises and actively help enterprises solve development problems. Beijiao should take the opportunity of building an innovation ecosystem, continue to consolidate the platform of government enterprise linkage, and further optimize the business environment of Beijiao.

Solve the industry pain and let enterprises go further

When flying fish group became the Delma brand in 2011, it was not clear what products to make at the beginning, Li said. In the end, Delma decided to make the first product as humidifier because the team found that the humidifier products used by local people had pain points to be solved in the north. "In the end, according to the pain point of the product and relying on the advantages of Feiyu's e-commerce visual design and packaging, Delma created a 4L capacity humidifier at that time, which became a popular model." Now, Delphi has acquired a number of supply chain manufacturing enterprises to strengthen product quality control.
Li Junwei summed up yesterday that the reasons for Delma's success include: the goal of choosing products and solving pain points is very clear; cutting into the market and making the best cost-effective products; improving industrial design and product quality, and improving the level of user experience. For example, according to a pregnant woman's question, Delma improved the humidifier product to achieve zero radiation.
"Now the most active consumers are the post-80s and post-90s, who put forward the requirements of intellectualization, personalization, aesthetics, etc. for products, and the user's use scenarios have also changed." For this reason, Lu Gangliang led the "Hongyi series" enterprises to continuously launch innovative small home appliances products according to the change of use scenarios and consumers.
According to Lu Gangliang, its aromatherapy and humidification products are expected to sell 2 million sets this year, more than double that of last year; its mini fan products are expected to sell 700000 sets this year; and the portable milk conditioner developed by baby and Baby Frog last year has also been put into the market. In particular, he mentioned that the travel "artifact" portable clothes dryers originated from Hongyi's product plan designed in 2012. At the beginning, some enterprises were only willing to pay 20000 yuan for this plan. "We don't think we can sell it for 20000 yuan. In 2013, Kawa Technology Co., Ltd. produced this product, and now the product has sold 500000 sets, creating a profit of about 15 million yuan. That is to say, compared with 20000 yuan, it is more than 700 times of innovation value. "
Different from Feiyu group and other enterprises, Hongshi laser is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of laser cutting machines. The company's products have entered the supply chain system of many world-famous enterprises, and its sales volume has achieved an explosive growth of 10 times in 8 years. The company's vision is to become the world's leading laser intelligent equipment manufacturer by 2038.


Beijiao in the eyes of entrepreneurs

Beijiao is like a "small Shenzhen" in Foshan, with the most intensive high-end talents, including Internet enterprises, home appliance enterprises, real estate enterprises, Guangdong Industrial Design City, etc., which play a good role in creating an innovative atmosphere. We are very impressed by the high density of talents in Beijiao, which is the biggest attraction of Beijiao. Meanwhile, Beijiao is a delicate, small and beautiful city. However, land resources are the disadvantage of Beijiao, which is also caused by some historical reasons. Now it is a very good thing for the government to transform the village level industrial park ——Lu Gangliang, founder of Hongyi series
Beijiao is adjacent to Guangzhou. Its geographical advantages are helpful to retain talents. At the same time, Beijiao's business climate is closer to that of Guangzhou. Beijiao will also bring in and stay talents through cooperation with universities in Guangzhou. Meanwhile, Beijiao new town is planned to be more like a metropolis, suitable for business and living. It is very important that the government will give solutions to the needs of enterprises immediately. The timeliness is very good ——Li Junwei, vice president of Feiyu group

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