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On the morning of December 12, the 14th Guanghua Longteng award ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the people. Lu Gangliang, a Zhongxiang native, won the medal of "top ten outstanding young people in China's design industry". Here, I would like to extend my warm congratulations and honor to Zhongxiang people~~






Lu Gangliang, born in Zhongxiang, Hubei Province, graduated from Wuhan University of science and technology in industrial design in 2004. In 2005, he founded Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. and started his own industrial design career. The subordinate companies of Hongyi innovation group include Foshan Kawa Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Foshan ruoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan beifrog maternal and Infant Products Co., Ltd., Foshan xunwa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan haowudian Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong yipinyanhua Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Foshan rongshulin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd Management Co., Ltd. and group manufacturing base.

On December 12, the 13th (2017) Guanghua Longteng award ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. This selection brings together the top and best 29 design experts who are leading the scientific and innovative design in China, and presents two major awards in China's design industry, i.e. "China design contribution award selection" and "Top Ten Outstanding Youth in China's design industry".

The purpose of "Guanghua Longteng award · top 10 outstanding youth in China's design industry" is to support the growth of design talents, set an example of independent innovation, and publicize the spirit of "top 10 outstanding youth in design industry". Display design plays an important role in the process of promoting the core competitiveness of national industry, motivating the majority of young people to make greater contributions to the reform and opening up and the socialist modernization.

Mr. Li Zhaoxing, former foreign minister

Since its inception, the Guanghua Longteng award has accumulated more than ten thousand outstanding talents in planning, engineering, architecture, transportation, landscape, products, clothing, multimedia, service design and other design categories to participate in the application, more than one thousand of them have been selected into the "list of 100 young people in China's design industry", more than three hundred of them have won the nomination award, and 140 young elites have won the honorary title of "Top Ten Outstanding Youth in China's design industry" 165 representatives won gold and silver medals of "China design contribution award". According to incomplete statistics, the Guanghua Longteng award can affect 20 million design practitioners and drive the social and economic value of several trillion yuan.

The Guanghua Longteng award was born in 2005 with the support of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. In 2010, the Guanghua design foundation was established. In 2011, the Guanghua Longteng award was approved by the National Award Office and officially became a National Award (gksszz No. 0223). In the past 14 years, the Guanghua Longteng award has witnessed the rapid development of Chinese design, and has been supported and encouraged by a large number of colleagues who have been engaged in the design industry, fearing no danger and marching forward bravely. As the only national award to commend design talents in China, the annual Guanghua Longteng award, witnessed by more than 700 innovative design leaders, honors each winner's outstanding contribution to the development of China's design industry and gives them diamond like glory.

Once again, warm congratulations to Lu Gangliang, a native of Zhongxiang~~


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