Fast frog's journey of exploration

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In 2018, how many times have you been far away this year?
In retrospect, fast frog has been to many distant places this year
Leyao juice cup went to Guangzhou and brought back "made in China beauty"

Loxiang juice cup went to Beijing and brought back "Chinese Design Star"

And all the staff of the fast frog went here
Come back with a gift!
As for what gift you brought, why don't you guess?


Let's see what we took
Can you find a clue or clue?

Fast frog's quest, now
Look at the wind, the clouds, the sun~
Ah, there are so many beautiful rivers and mountains

It's time to get there
Will the gift be hidden here?

Put on a super beautiful view
Although it has nothing to do with the gift
But it's very good
So let's put it up for everyone to enjoy

Choose cooking materials even when you are out
Fast frog never stops exploring the way of cooking
I bought so many things unconsciously
Will the gift be here? Of course not

Let's explore the fun of barbecue
On cooking, fast frog is a professional
Is the gift of the fast frog related to the barbecue?


Even the next morning after drinking
Can still extract juice gracefully
Take a juicer when you travel

The compact and portable music shake is very suitable for carrying out! Twenty seconds cleaning is not very convenient.

Fast frog's journey of exploration continues
Can't you guess what fast frog brought back?
In fact, we "brought" a product back


Fast frog's new product is coming online soon

Fast frog team is also taking into account work while traveling
Strive to bring new products to you in 2019
Please wait patiently




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